Is breastfeeding Sufficient for Baby Immunity?

Is beeastfeeding sufficient for baby immunity?



Yes it has alot more amazing benefits to keep you and your baby safe from illnesses and infection’s.


Benefits of Breastfeeding / Characteristics of Breast Milk

It creates a natural strong bound and always automatically adjusts it self to your babies needs

if the baby is exclusively breastfed baby, the baby intake all nutrients .



Breastmilk is an excellent source of Prebiotic HMO’s (Human Milk Oligosaccharides) .



It’s easy to digest for baby’s immature tummy.


It contains antibodies that protect against infection and boost immunity.

If the baby isn’t taking breast milk,then the mom should try Aptamil gold stage 1 , it is suitable for 0-6 months babies.



This formula milk contains Prebiotic HMO’S(Human Milk Oligosaccharides) like breast milk.

HMOs are food for good bacteria so they make the baby’s gut stronger & helps to boost baby immunity.

There is no alternative than this but if mother can’t produce enough milk then only you can ask your pedestrian to provide any milk which has all above benefits like aptamil gold stage 1 .

Its a really good product in the marlet has all the benefits next to mothers milk.

But try to give her breast milk as well bcz that is the best natural option one can have .

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