Best way to stop a child from Bed-wetting

Best way to stop a child from Bed-wetting

Bed wetting is a big issue for children and it give their parents a lot of concern because

  1. The ammonia from the urine might spoilt the bed
  2. It would be a disgrace to the parents and the kid if the kid went out to stay with a neighbor or family.
  3. When it’s not corrected as a child, it would be a big problem to correct as adult.

Below might help you as a parent to stop your child from bed-wetting

How to stop bed-wetting

  1. Don’t give heavy food to your child at late night because digesting the food will require a lot of water and lead to a lot of water excretion.
  2. Don’t give your child food later than 5pm. The food would have digested well enough before the child go to bed.
  3. Wake your child up about 2 to 3 hours after she goes to bed so that she goes and urinate. As a parent you need to get an alarm to do the Job of waking you up.
  4. Wake up your child again around 3am to urinate.
  5. You might need to wake your child up to urinate 2-3 times before day break.
  6. Sometimes late night cold might be the reason for bed-wetting. So as a parents, you need to wake up around 12am midnight to close all the windows and put a cloth on your child.

African method of stopping bed-wetting

In Africa, a bed-wetting child would be ask/told to urinate on a red charcoal.

Any time the child want to bed wet, the urine will be hot in the child’s bladder and would wake the child up.

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