Handling a Child that lie

Handling a Child that lie

This is a big issue for parents, it really get you mad or angry if your child start to lie.

If or when you child lie, bigger part of it is your fault as a parent. How is it your fault?

Children tell lies if they have been honest before and by being honest they still got punished.

Sometimes, we parents can’t tell if our child is telling lies or truth,so we beat or punished them even when they are telling the truth. Kids / children are smarter than you.

They resolve to lie, since you can’t tell when they are telling lies. It hurts them a lot that you don’t trust them.

You are too strict

If you are too strict on children, your children would lie to you.

So as a parent, don’t be too strict on your child or children.

If you are too strict, your child will not be free to speak the truth with you.

It’s a stage

Telling lie is a stage in children, it would come and go.

But the way you handle the stage would determine if your child would be a chronic liar or not.

Maintain the stage well.

Always tell your children that if they were honest that they would not get into trouble.

Sometimes children act out because they are hurting or feeling insecure.

Children Could be testing to see if the adults in his life will still love him?

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