Helping a kid with Attention Problem

Helping a kid with Attention Problem (Attention Deficit Disorder)

There is so much we parents are missing or not aware about our children.

While few parents are aware of this problem in this kid.

In Africa when kids don’t have attention, it is believed that what the kid need most at that point is a lot of Cain and beatings.

I want to ask, how far have we gone with it?

It is normal for a kid to be distracted, distraction also depends on age of the kid in question.

Just have this in mind that children/kids are always easily distracted based on what they see, what is in their mind etc.

While some distraction may be genetic others are as a result of in discipline.

How do you intend to help a kid with attention problem?

First ask, do I have this kind of problem while growing up?

If you have this kind of problem while growing up, how do you manage it?

Go for medical test to confirm is your child/kid is OK.

If your kid is OK, you have little to no problem at all, just dedicate a lot of your time to build up your child.

But if it turn out to be (Attention Deficit Disorder, do the following

Please help your kid with executive functioning-organization, memory tricks, sleep hygiene, time management, study strategies, exercise etc…

As you know this does not come natural for a person with ADHD so you will have to be his assistant.

Make organizational aids like list

Get meds when he shows sign of going behind.

Read book driven by distraction

.Look into dietary changes. Cut out sugars, processed foods, etc.

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