Older kids not wanting to play with their younger kids, way out

Older kids not wanting to play with their younger kids, way out

We all passed through this stage in Life whether we agree or not and it is happening again between our kids.

This issue has been discord / distance between adults because in one stage of their life from kids to adult, they reached a stage they don’t want to play together again. They grew up with it and it still remain like that unsolved.

Some people mistakenly call this adulthood. Is this what adult Life is all about? We grew apart from the people we love and we try to create ties with the people we barely know.

What a sick Life.

How do we solve this problem?

How can we make older kids to play with their younger kids?

Teach your kids how to negotiate and compromise

Younger kids can negotiate with their older kids. Younger kids should try to be a good negotiator, I would do this for you if you play with me. They should try and reach a compromise.

Taught them how to play with themselve

Teach your younger kids to play by themselves, they can develop other interest in art or music. They can develop more reasoning and imagination, you should try and buy enough toys for the younger kids to play with.

Teach them how to play with friends

Your younger kids can make a lots of friends since the older kids is not ready to play with the younger kids. Instead of being lonely and sad, the younger kids can make friends and play with them.

Teach them to have interest in other things that might be more fun Eg arts and painting

Tell Your older kids to explain in a way the younger kids will understand.

Adult hood should not bring discord or distance between family. What we do while growing up is what we would be when we grew up.

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