7 characteristics of Adolescence

What are the 7 characteristics of adolescence?
The seven characteristics of adolescence are physical changes, cognitive changes, emotional changes, social changes, moral changes, sexual changes, and cultural changes.
  1. Physical changes: During adolescence, the body undergoes many physical changes, including growth spurts, changes in body composition, and the development of secondary sex characteristics.

  2. Cognitive changes: Adolescents also experience significant cognitive changes, including improvements in abstract thinking and problem-solving abilities.

  3. Emotional changes: Adolescents may experience a wide range of emotions, including increased moodiness and emotional volatility.

  4. Social changes: Adolescents may also experience changes in their social relationships, including increased independence from parents and a greater focus on peer relationships.

  5. Moral changes: Adolescents may also go through a process of moral development, in which they begin to think about and evaluate moral issues in more complex ways.

  6. Sexual changes: Adolescents also experience significant changes in their sexual development, including the onset of puberty and the development of sexual interests and behaviors.

  7. Cultural changes: Adolescents are also influenced by the cultural context in which they live, including the expectations and norms of their community and society.

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