Kids Won’t Stop Talking

Kids won’t stop Talking 

8 years old Won’t shut up

8 years old Won’t Stop Talking

How to get 8 years old to stop talking

My 8year old won’t shut the hell up. It annoys me. 

He can talk and talk and talk non stop. I will asked him to shut up he will be quiet for few minutes and start talking again.
 Its bloody annoying and I can’t stand it. 


If at that age, he is not talking the way he is doing now, then you would be worry …  
kids are kids , we shouldn’t forget that..
 If you don’t like kids non stop talking, don’t give birth

When your kids Need your attention, they always act that way. Especially if they have siblings which you give more of your attention as a parent. 
Ask yourself, am I loosing it with this kid? 
Am I paying much attention as I should? 
Telling your kids to shut up will hurt him the More. 
Please don’t do that again. 

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