Benefits of squatting during pregnancy

Benefits of squatting during pregnancy
Squatting can offer several benefits during pregnancy, particularly for maintaining strength and preparing the body for labor and delivery. 
Some of the potential benefits of squatting during pregnancy include:
  1. Building lower body strength: Squats can help to build strength in the legs, glutes, and core, which can help to support the body as it undergoes the physical changes of pregnancy.

  2. Preparing for labor: Squats can help to prepare the pelvic floor muscles for labor and delivery. Squatting can help to open up the pelvis and encourage the baby to move down into the birth canal, which can promote cervical dilation and effacement.

  3. Promoting better circulation: Squatting can help to promote better blood flow to the lower body and can help to reduce swelling and discomfort in the feet and ankles.

  4. Improving posture: Squats can help to improve posture by strengthening the muscles in the back and core.

  5. Encouraging healthy weight gain: Squats can help to promote healthy weight gain during pregnancy by increasing muscle mass and improving overall fitness.

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