Poem for baby to be born

Poem for baby to be born
A tiny spark of life inside,
A precious gift that soon will thrive,
A baby waiting to be born,
With so much love and joy adorned.

Your little hands, your little feet,
So small and yet, so full of sweet,
Your eyes that will soon see the light,
Your heart that beats with all its might.

You’ll bring us laughter, love, and tears,
And fill our lives with endless cheers,
We’ll cherish every moment with you,
And guide you through the years ahead, too.

We’ll watch you grow and learn and play,
And be there for you every day,
Our little one, so pure and new,
We can’t wait to welcome you.

So sleep, little one, inside your mother’s womb,
We’ll be waiting to meet you soon,
And when you finally enter our world,
You’ll be loved more than words can hold.

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