Poems for expecting parents

Poems for expecting parents

  1. A Miracle Unfolding

There’s a miracle unfolding,
a new life growing strong,
A precious gift from heaven,
bringing love and joy along.

You’re about to be parents,
with a baby on the way,
A little one to cherish,
to hold close every day.

As you wait with anticipation,
for the moment to arrive,
Remember that this miracle,
will change your lives forever and thrive.

  1. Life’s Greatest Adventure

Life’s greatest adventure is about to begin,
As you wait for the arrival of your little one within.
The journey of parenthood is a special kind of ride,
With ups and downs along the way, you’ll find, but always abide.

You’ll be filled with wonder and love, like never before,
As you hold your newborn in your arms, that first time you adore.
The sweetest sound you’ll hear is your baby’s little cry,
And all the sleepless nights will seem worth it by and by.

So embrace this journey with open hearts, and love to give,
And watch as your child grows, and learns to live.
Remember to hold on tight, and cherish every day,
For life’s greatest adventure is the one that’s here to stay.

  1. The Miracle of Life

A miracle is happening,
within the womb of a mother,
A tiny life growing,
like no other.

A baby is coming,
bringing joy and love,
A blessing from above,
sent from heaven up above.

You are the lucky parents,
chosen for this child,
To love and cherish,
and guide with gentle mild.

So enjoy the journey,
from beginning to end,
As you watch this miracle,
your hearts will transcend.

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