Poems for expecting parents

Poems for expecting parents

  1. Anticipation

A new life grows within you, dear,
A little one, so pure and clear,
Your heart beats faster with each day,
As you prepare to find your way.

You dream of cuddles, songs, and play,
Of watching your child grow each day,
Of sharing all life’s little joys,
With your precious girl or boy.

Anticipation fills your soul,
As you get ready to be whole,
As parents to this little one,
Whose journey has only just begun.

  1. Miracle of Life

The miracle of life is here,
A little one you’ll soon hold dear,
Inside you, a tiny heart beats strong,
And with each day, it grows long.

You’re filled with joy and wonder too,
As you imagine all that you’ll do,
As parents to this little life,
So perfect, pure, and free from strife.

The world will change with this new birth,
As you marvel at its infinite worth,
And cherish every single day,
With your baby on life’s endless way.

  1. Preparing for Baby

The crib is ready, the clothes are washed,
As you prepare for this life you’ve brought,
The books are read, the plans are made,
As you look forward to the day.

Your heart is filled with love and care,
As you prepare to meet your little heir,
To hold them close and kiss their head,
And watch them grow as they’re fed.

Your world will change with this new life,
As you become a mom and dad in strife,
But the joy and love that you will feel,
Will be the greatest treasure, that’s real.

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