Forest river credit card

If you make a minimum $2,500 purchase with your Forest River credit card and pay it off in full within 12 months, you can avoid paying interest.


Although the well-known RV manufacturer makes this sound like a fantastic deal, delayed interest does not equate to interest-free financing.

What Is Deferred Interest?

Deferred interest financing is available with a Forest River credit card. In the event of a late payment or a little unpaid balance at the conclusion of the introductory period, the retailer may assess interest retrospectively and have it apply to the total purchase amount.

Because they thought the interest would only be charged on the small balance they had at the end of the introductory deal, consumers may have been astonished.


The exact guidelines for paying down the balance are clear in the Forest River credit card’s fine print. It states that if payments are made on schedule and the balance is paid off before the promotional period expires, there won’t be any interest charged.

The standard APR, which is presently 29.99 percent for established accounts and 28.99 percent for new accounts, will begin to accrue interest from the PURCHASE DATE if the amount is not paid in full by the expiration date.

The Forest River credit card terms additionally specify that making minimal payments won’t be enough to pay off the balance on time and that you’ll need to make greater payments instead. Most consumers have the incorrect assumption that making the minimal payment required by a creditor will enable them to adhere to the terms of the original arrangement.


Zero Percent Pitfalls

In actuality, lenders who provide 0% credit would incur losses. There are times when a product’s price is increased to pay for a 0% interest rate.

For instance, the dealer may strike a deal to reduce the interest rate to 0 percent if you intend to buy a car and are approved for a loan with a 6 percent interest rate.

To do this, the dealer must pay the lender’s interest fee upfront immediately, which for a typical car loan might be as much as $4,000 in total.

If the dealer raises the vehicle’s price by the same amount and indicates that the new price enables you to qualify for 0% financing, he still collects that money from you, the buyer.

The zero percent loan interest rate should never be based on the cost of the vehicle to avoid this math trick.

Deceptive Practices Under Scrutiny

You might be qualified for compensation through a class action lawsuit if you signed up for a zero percent or deferred interest program but yet experienced unexpectedly high interest rates on a shop credit card.

Store credit cards like the Forest River credit card may seem like a fantastic deal at first, but they could ultimately end up costing you more.

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