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Kohls Credit Card Login | Make Online Payments

One of the top shopping credit cards in the United States is without a doubt the Kohls Credit Card, which can be used online. One benefit is that it has a very low interest rate, no annual fee, and offers its customers stackable savings in addition to their Yes2You Rewards and Kohl’s Cash programs.


Once you’ve applied for and been given a Kohl’s credit card, you’re free to use it to make payments, keep track of your purchases, ask for an increase in your credit limit, and much more. Let me actually write a list for you right now:

Use the Kohls Credit Card Login Page to perform the following tasks:

  • Pay your debts.
  • Plan out upcoming payments.
  • Track your shipments and purchases.
  • Check your balance at the moment and your recent payment history.
  • the history of your transactions.
  • Make a profit.
  • Revisit your contact details (this includes changing your password and due date).
  • Change the way your statement is delivered.
  • Get in touch with Kohl’s customer service.

Any device can be used to log into your Kohl’s credit card account. They also developed an app for Apple and Android devices called Kohl’s.


How to Find Your Kohls Credit Card Login

Simply click this link to log into your Kohls Credit Card account: https://credit.kohls.com/eCustService/.

Once the page has loaded, accurately input your user name and password. Remember that when they refer to your “user Name,” they do not imply the email address you entered when creating the account. You select a distinct User ID throughout the registration process; use that as the ID in that field.

Click “Forgot User Name” next to the field where you would input your user name if you can’t remember it. A new page will load after you click the link, allowing you to begin the retrieval procedure.


Enter your user name and select “Forgotten Password” if you only forgot your password. This will take you to a website where you can begin the password retrieval procedure by entering your user name and the last four digits of your social security number.

You must first register in order to access your account if you recently received your Kohl credit card. To do this, enter the last six digits of your credit card and press the “Submit” button.

choices for making payments on your Kohl’s credit card

Call Kohls’ Toll Free Number at (855) 564-5748 to make a phone payment.

To make a payment by check, send it to:

Payment Center at Kohl’s

P.O. Box 2983


WI 53201-2983

Additionally, you can pay your Kohl’s credit card bills at any Kohl’s location.

Some benefits of kohls credit card

  • incentives with Kohl’s Charge reductions.
  • Possibility of joining the Kohl’s Chargers MVC (Most Valued Custo35% off your initial purchase.
  • access to year-round additional discount deals.
  • Every year, a special anniversary deal.
  • ability to mix Kohl’s Cash andmer) (Most Valued Customer)


The Kohl’s Charge card is an obvious choice for frequent Kohl’s customers. With your Yes2You Rewards and Kohl’s Cash, you’re probably already accustomed to keeping track of the promotion dates, so what are a couple other promo periods in the mix?

This isn’t the card for you if you don’t frequently buy at Kohl’s or if you find it difficult to remember all of the different coupons and their associated promo dates.

Try a more broad cash-back credit card instead if you require a card for regular use or want to earn rewards on every purchase you make.

The card is definitely not for you if you’re jumping on the points and miles bandwagon.


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