Online Microblading Course


To become a certified microblading artist, you need proper training. Now you can get comprehensive instruction and become certified from the comfort of your own home through an interactive online course.


Our virtual program is taught by licensed and experienced microblading artists. They will demonstrate techniques through live video tutorials and provide feedback as you complete hands-on practice. You’ll learn the latest methods and gain a strong understanding of color theory, sanitation procedures, and business practices.

The online format allows you to learn at your own pace. You’ll have lifetime access to all lessons and materials, so you can revisit topics anytime. The course typically takes 3-6 months to complete, but you can move through lessons faster if you have more time to dedicate. You’ll also connect with instructors and other students through a private online community to get extra support.

An online microblading certification course is the most convenient way to enter this growing field. You’ll get interactive training from experts and valuable hands-on experience, all without leaving home.


What You’ll Learn in Microblading Comprehensive Online Course

In comprehensive online microblading course, you’ll learn everything you need to start a successful microblading business which includes;

1. Techniques and Skills

You’ll master microblading techniques through step-by-step video tutorials. It cover basic strokes, shading, and blending to achieve natural-looking brows. You’ll also learn how to shape brows to complement each client’s unique face. With regular practice of these essential skills, you’ll be prepped to wow your first clients.

2. Products and Tools

Microblading online course teach you about the specialized tools, pigments, numbing agents, and aftercare products used in microblading. You’ll learn how to properly sterilize equipment, mix pigments, and apply numbing cream for maximum client comfort. We’ll also share trusted product recommendations to get you started.


3. Consultations and Aftercare

A good consultation and aftercare plan are key to success and client satisfaction. We provide frameworks for conducting thorough consultations to determine the ideal brow shape for each client. You’ll also learn best practices for aftercare instructions, follow-up appointments, and touch-ups. Keeping clients happy with their new brows will lead to more referrals and repeat customers.

4. Business Essentials

Finally, it cover the logistics of setting up your business including:

  • Obtaining proper certifications and licenses
  • Creating a business plan
  • Setting your rates
  • Building a portfolio and online presence
  • Marketing your services

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In just a few short months, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to start your very own microblading business.

Microblading Supplies and Tools You’ll Need

To perform microblading, you’ll need some essential tools and supplies. These include:

1. Pigments

You’ll need a variety of pigments in natural brow colors like light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black. Also have pigments for blending and creating dimension, such as a warm caramel highlight color. Look for high-quality pigments that are FDA-approved and specifically intended for microblading.

2. Microblades

Microblading blades come in a variety of needle groupings, lengths and thicknesses. For most brow work, a 12-needle blade with needles that are 0.20mm to 0.25mm in length works well. You’ll want multiple blades in different sizes to achieve hair-like strokes. Sterilize the blades before each use.

3. Anesthetic

A topical anesthetic numbs the brow area and reduces discomfort for your clients. Common anesthetics for microblading include lidocaine, benzocaine, and tetracaine. Apply the anesthetic at least 20 minutes before microblading for maximum numbness.

4. Other supplies

Additional useful items include cotton swabs, gauze, disposable gloves, sharps container, hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes, petroleum jelly, ruler, eyebrow pencil, and moisturizer. You’ll also need basic equipment like a microblading pen, workstation, magnifying lamp, stool, and reclining chair.

With the proper tools and pigments, you’ll be ready to start microblading and transforming your clients’ brows. However, microblading requires extensive training to learn proper techniques and safety procedures.


Never perform microblading without becoming fully certified. When done correctly and with care, microblading can be a rewarding skill that enhances your career as a brow and makeup artist.

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How to Launch Your Own Microblading Business

This is an exciting move that will allow you to be your own boss and build a successful career.

1. Develop a business plan.

A solid plan will help guide your new venture and prepare you for any challenges. Determine your business structure, target market, marketing strategy, and financial projections. Build your business model around your ideal lifestyle.

2. Build your portfolio.

Showcase photos of your work to attract new clients. Ask happy clients if you can take before and after photos of their brows to feature on your website and social media. Be sure to get written consent from each client before using their photos.

3. Set up your workspace.

You’ll need high quality tools and equipment, as well as a sterile working environment. Invest in an ergonomic table, chair, lighting, magnifying lens, and autoclave for sanitation. Create a relaxing vibe with calming décor and scents.

4. Spread the word.

Market your business through your website, social media, Google ads, networking, and word-of-mouth referrals. Offer promotions and deals to attract new clients. Build relationships with local spas, salons, and medspas to become their go-to microblading expert.

5. Continue your education.

Take advanced courses to learn new techniques and stay up-to-date with tools, pigments, and health and safety standards. Membership in professional organizations will keep you connected to others in the field.

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Microblading Tips and Tricks From the Experts

Here are some expert secrets to share with your students:

1. Choose the Right Tools

Having the proper tools and supplies is key. Use high quality pigments, needles, and disposable tools designed specifically for microblading. Your students will get the best results with a selection of different sized needles for hair-like strokes.

2. Focus on Shape and Symmetry

The shape and symmetry of the brows is the foundation. Take time to map out the shape by using a brow pencil and ruler. Look at the face as a whole to determine the most flattering brow shape for your client. For beginners, start with a more basic arch shape until you get comfortable.

3. Consider Skin Tone

Select a pigment shade that complements your client’s natural brow color and skin tone. For fair skin, use light brown shades. For medium skin, try medium browns. For dark skin, use black or dark brown pigments. You can also blend pigments to create a custom color.

4. Use a Light Hand

A light, gentle hand is key to natural looking results. Use small strokes that mimic actual hairs. Work slowly and check your work in a mirror frequently. Beginners should start by practicing on synthetic skin pads before moving on to live models.

5. Touch-Ups Are Normal

Most clients will require one or two touch-up appointments to achieve their perfect brows. Touch-ups are normal and provide an opportunity to make any corrections or adjustments to shape and color. Educate your students that clients should expect the microblading process to take multiple appointments for the best outcomes.

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With dedication and persistence, you can build a thriving microblading business. Stay passionate about your work, focus on your clients, and never stop improving your skills. Success will follow.


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